Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Teaching yourself video

It is incredible how much information there is online when it comes to video. I've learned a ton, and this video is going to cover some of my "go to" channels for information.

  • Lynda.com This is the grand-daddy of sites for online learning. It is subscription based, but there may be workarounds. For example, anyone with a Boston Public Library card gets free access, and anyone living in Massachusetts can get a BPL card...therefore, I can get in free! You might check with your local library or see if there is something similar where you are.
  • Basic Filmmaker A great channel by a quirky kind of guy. I have learned a lot from here.
  • Basic Filmmaker University The Basic Filmmaker has started up a separate, subscription-based, page of video tutorials. I've looked at the free ones, and they are very well done, but I have a hard time dropping the cash for stuff that I probably can find elsewhere, especially in lynda.com. 
  • Vimeo Mastering Mobile Video A really great site on how to shoot good video just using your smartphone.
  • DSLRGuide This is another great channel by a guy in England who has been chronicling what he has been learning and doing through the years as he progresses.
  • Dave Dugdale YouTube Channel  Website  This is the first channel that I started on and I bought his eight-part tutorial on how to use my camera. Best $35 I spent.
  • Film Riot Admittedly, this channel is beyond where I am right now, but it is pretty entertaining and you can learn a lot from it.
  • Knoptop This channel hasn't been updated in quite a while. He focuses on a lot of DIY stuff for video production, and is fun to watch (and learn).

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