Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Video for Fire Safety, a new series

I'm launching a new series, Video for Fire Safety (and I keep having to backtrack when I type it, because for some reason I keep typing "Fire for Video Safety").

These are going to be very short YouTube clips about what I am learning as I do more video production. Equipment, techniques, tips...pre-production, production and post-production. Software, workflow and a lot more!

This series was born out of a class that I did for the Fire and Life Safety Educators of Colorado Conference of the Rockies. I'm using the format for what I did there as the starting point, but I can easily see me moving beyond it into a whole host of different areas.

You can subscribe to this Blog by either email or through your RSS feed in the column on the right, or you can subscribe to the YouTube channel itself, which I would like to ask you to do...once I reach 100 subscribers, then YouTube lets me pick a custom URL instead of the long, random numbers it has.

Lots more to come, and thanks for stopping by!


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